Monday, May 21, 2012

To the Boy Who Knows My Name

Dear R.A.L

I know you, from before; I always though you must've known I existed, but I wasn't sure you knew my name. Now, I know you know it, because you called me it the other day, before you rode off on your dirt bike.
Today, when you walked in, I could hear in your voice that you were happy to see me. It surprised me and made me feel warm; because I'm always happy to see you.
I think you have a tender heart hidden under that charm and I want to find it; I want to be given charge of it. Could you trust me with such a task?
Would you let me prove myself worthy of it?
You've been with me for a few weeks now, you know. Ever since you said my name. When you did that, you brought yourself to my attention - you gave me hope. I hope you didn't do that falsely; because after living with you in my head, I'm dying to live with you in real life. I want to ride around in your truck, hold your hand, rub your back when you're tired. I want to wake up tangled in sheets, our dogs and your arms. 
I know there are prettier girls in town, but I also know that I could take care of you and love you like you've never been before. I know that's what you're looking for and I'm willing - all I ask is tht you are just as careful with my heart.


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